GR 13 TEK – Wing

This is the evolution of the GR 13 Wing, made with our ultra-resistant TEK material. The GR 13 TEK Wing has been designed to be minimalistic and hydrondynamic to ensure the diver total freedom of movement and a feeling of comfort and safety in the water. Despite its small size, it gives the diver a high thrust capacity both, below the surface, where thanks to its advanced shape it guarantees the diver an optimal trim, and above the surface it gives you the ability to achieve high buoyancy trust and a perfect vertical position even in rough conditions. 

Our minimal design was achieved by maximising the air zones and eliminating dead zones in the central area, in such a way as to reduce the size of the whole wing. This has produced a more hydrodynamic wing that guarantees a reduction of physical effort and therefore of air consumption and nitrogen accumulation, allowing longer and safer dives.

The GR 13 TEK Wing is suitable for divers who require maximum performance and prefer a small light wing for the most demanding dives. It can support a single cylinder up to 15 liters. The TEK version was made with military grade material, produced in Italy in compliance with the highest quality standards, which provides a sleek and extremely robust surface, resistant to cuts and abrasions, allows for quick drying and reduces the risk of bacterial growth .

All our wings are made in Malta and are certified according to the most recent legislation in force.


Features & Tech Specs 

Lift Capacity

• 120 N∙m/ 12.2 Kg/ 27 lb/ 13 Lt./ Single Tank 10 Lt, 12 Lt, 15 Lt


• Made with KnightShield™ Military grade material, resistant to cuts and abrasions made in Italy


• positioned at centre back to the neck in protected area to reduce corrugated trapping and do not interfere with regulator 1st stage

• K style made in Italy

• Hi Tech Low profile oval elbow made in Italy

• Safety SS cable to prevent hyper-extension

• 40cm corrugated hose

• Smooth Pro 50 cm LP hose made in Italy

Dump Valve

• 1 Low profile hi tech flat valve with carbon fibre plate

• Positioned in front, lower-left side